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Posted: 25/05/2010 14:30:00 | Comments: 62

Hello Diamonds.

So... I can now reveal that my next single release will be "Oh No!". I have been vigorously planning the video all month and am extremely excited about it. I haven't made a video since last December- excluding the "one take" Robot one. (Quickest. Made. Video. Ever..) It will be released this Summer on the 26th July.

Also, I'm giving away my cover of "Starstrukk". It's taken on a life of it's own on the latest tour. I hope you like it. We recorded it live in Norwich last week. Click *here* to download.

The competition for making your own video for I Am Not A Robot closed yesterday. There have been some amazing entries, and I'll be looking through them this week and announcing the winner soon.

Well, that will be all. I have had 4 hrs sleep and 3 gigs in 2 days. Zzzzz...



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  • Russian Jewels Sun 13 Jun 2010 @ 14:22:19PM Wrote:

    OMG, Oh No! the last single from The Famile Jewels....
    I really wait new video Oh No =Ñ€
    We need for new album, Marina =*

    With love,
    Vlad XD

  • Celine Wed 02 Jun 2010 @ 18:48:43PM Wrote:

    I played playstation with the guys of 3oh!3 backstage at Koko once and had no idea who they were haha and they were so drunk that Sean pissed his pants!
    yeah that's when I started liking them lol.... and your cover of starstrukk is very beautiful!!! :D

  • Shivani Tue 01 Jun 2010 @ 18:19:21PM Wrote:

    I really like OH NO. But i have no clue how you are going to make a video of it. Good luck

  • Mon 31 May 2010 @ 13:39:38PM Wrote:

    thats my birthday :D xxx

  • Who? Sun 30 May 2010 @ 04:06:59AM Wrote:

    When I was young (and secretly now but don't tell anyone ;-)), Bambi and the crew were the embodiment of my conscience. We'd chill out in this sweet glade when I had to think through a particularly important moral dilemma and talk it through.

    The strange thing is; I have never seen the film. Ever. Nor have I seen clips. I only know that his/her mum dies.

    I just read that through, and I'm clearly insane. :(

  • davejs Sat 29 May 2010 @ 22:21:44PM Wrote:

    Hey Marina,

    I was so disapointed to miss your Belfast gig :( flight into Ireland was delayed by three hours so didnt get there in time :(.
    Look forward to seeing you play in Nottingham later this year though :).

    Best wishes,

  • xoniamhox Sat 29 May 2010 @ 19:33:30PM Wrote:

    When is the winner of the Robot Remake Video Competition being announced!? :)

  • Matt Sat 29 May 2010 @ 18:11:17PM Wrote:

    @Jimbo. LMAO... oh you have made me laugh!!!! BRILLIANT mate. bravo, encore ;))

  • carla00behave Sat 29 May 2010 @ 17:22:09PM Wrote:

    YAY! I love 'Oh No!' I was at your Dublin gig on Thurs and it was AMAZING!!! I was the lunatic in the front
    row waving at you! Can't wait for Vicar St. in October! You are such an inspiration Marina! xoxo

  • funkyshoes Sat 29 May 2010 @ 14:18:22PM Wrote:

    Yeah! I love oh no! :) Thank You! By the way you looked great on the cover of cosmopolitan. I might be coming to see you in Newcastle in November hope i do it willl be awesome!!!!!!!!! x

  • Jimbo Fri 28 May 2010 @ 21:33:20PM Wrote:

    Best. Idea. Ever. "Oh No!" will be HUGE like a fat man's bum.

    And there was a video competition? How did I miss this? CRAPSTICKS!

  • thalia-eleine Fri 28 May 2010 @ 20:57:59PM Wrote:

    marian you're a fashion icon! i love this dress!

  • Evangeline :) Fri 28 May 2010 @ 07:47:45AM Wrote:

    i'm admiring your bambi dress again :) I want one! School uniform meh!

  • alexandraDiAmOnD Thu 27 May 2010 @ 21:59:45PM Wrote:

    marina you are beautiful.

  • almost Thu 27 May 2010 @ 20:18:14PM Wrote:

    WOOOHHOOOO! (Sorry, I should tone it down a bit, I suppose)
    Oh No! is my favourite song of yours!! thanks soooo much for making it a single :D
    (As you can see - I am, quite brilliantly, making my way around your very lovely website with my inconsequential comments :D)
    Once again, that song is brilliant, often I find myself stating that "I know exactly what i want and who I want to be" and that "I know exactly why I walk and talk like a machine" :D Thanks for being brilliant!
    P.S, I know it's many moons away but my brain is turning to electric, highly flammable goo from an overload of excitement for your concert in Glasgow in November! I don't like wishing life away, but - I CAN'T WAIT!

  • Spindoctor Thu 27 May 2010 @ 14:15:04PM Wrote:

    Great choice with "Oh No!" It's the 4th track I heard from you, but I find myself playing it stupidly often XD
    You were AMAZING in Bangor. I dragged my friends along who didn't know you and they all loved you.
    You're stunning, marry me? =]

  • Who? Wed 26 May 2010 @ 22:04:58PM Wrote:

    Who? + extreme sleep deprivation = potential for murder.

    Marina + extreme sleep deprivation = still freaking awesome.

    I don't know how you do it. O_O

  • Air Painter Wed 26 May 2010 @ 16:53:14PM Wrote:

    Actually, i'm very happy! Really really good choice, Marina :) The video will be HUGE! I can't wait for 26th July to come... i'm so ecxcited! xx

  • HoiPolloiOhJoy Wed 26 May 2010 @ 16:03:08PM Wrote:

    Really? I like Aesthetic and I was young when the Lion King debuted it's very near to my heart its the purest love so I don't see anything wrong with it. What I wanted to represent was the part when they say "The world for once in perfect harmony with all its living things" which is so uncommon for me. I felt really good though at the time thanks to the album I usually don't get like that, emotions are very much my way of becoming inebriated you just don't understand how it is if you were me you'd scream your soul out, while for me its just another day at the office. I feel like I've let too much of my guard down here and I feel so stupid and sick because that's how I always feel the morning after I become stupidly quixotic and express my inner private thoughts, not to mention entirely sore nearly everywhere because of something retarded called P90X though at least it's working well. It's so humid and hot outside and it's exasperating I woke up basically plastered to the sheets that are in the wash now, it's that kind of hot here, it hurt to move. I can't help it if I love Marina's music. I want to go to Six Flags: Great America; They have a water park attached. God, If I could just get over feeling overwhelming embarrassment for doing basically nothing important to anybody but me, like putting a Lion King link as the perfect example, Maybe I could recreate Marina's ambition in my own life. I'm sorry you guys, I have to go. I mean like forever. If my sense of beauty doesn't match the convention of what is a proper man, damn it, it's not like I go around showing that to just anybody. I trusted this place. Its a sanctuary to everything good. Genuine Music. A real artist. Pure intentions. Happiness. Togetherness. It's everything anyone could want, it's so ideal, and It's still the most loving place on the internet I've ever found. Now I've got to find a way out of here right now. I really like you guys too. Best of luck to Marina and all of you in life. I wish I could've told you more about me and had a chance to create something amazing here with you. So many untapped ideas. I'm going to work out til I cry and puke again this time I self destruct into masochism to stop my pain in this life

  • Obsessions Wed 26 May 2010 @ 14:15:31PM Wrote:

    oh No! is a great song yeey! :D But one question for you Marina: I want to buy lip paint UV for a friends birthday, but I need to know if it can be delivered before 27th june, because than it's her birthday you see.. I hope it can! ;) (I live in Belgium)

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