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  • Watch Marina's Favorite YouTube Videos

    Watch Marina's Favorite YouTube Videos

    As Marina prepares for her YouTube Presents performance (next Wednesday, 8/15 at 4PM EST), she has assembled a collection of her favorite YouTube videos to get in the spirit!

    Remember to tune in for Marina's YouTube Presents show. You can even ask Marina a question for the Q&A section. Enjoy!

    Posted: Thu 09 Aug 2012 | Comments: 0

  • Watch Marina Live on YouTube Presents 8/15 @ 4PM ET

    Watch Marina Live on YouTube Presents 8/15 @ 4PM ET

    Dear Diamonds,

    Just a quick 'hiya' from Montreal! Wanna let you know I will be doing a special 'YouTube Presents' for the USA, 15th August, at 4pm ET. The host will be Erin Lucas and you'll be able to tune in at

    Here's me runnin' my big mouth about it:

    If you wanna Pop me a pretty Q (make them weird & exciting PLEASE!!) just submit it here. If yours is selected, it will will be asked live to me during the event. Also if you live around NYC and wanna attend... send your full name, mailing address and date of birth to Limited to 200 fans so be fast!

    Thanks to everyone spreading the Electra Heart luv! The Lonely Hearts Club tour is the best I have ever done. You're all making it what it is... i.e. my wedding night in disguise.

    -M xoxo

    Posted: Tue 07 Aug 2012 | Comments: 2

  • Marina Interviewed by The Huffington Post

    Marina Interviewed by The Huffington Post

    "On the table was a book called 'The History of Bubblegum Pop'. As my fans know, I'm obsessed with bubble gum pop and kind of subverting that. Yeah, that was the idea for 'Bubblegum Bitch'."

    Marina sat down recently with The Huffington Post's Mike Ragogna for a chat about her new album and tour.

    Visit The Huffington Post to read the full interview! (Take note: the interview's pretty far down the page, so be prepared to do a bit of scrolling). Why not listen to Marina's latest album on Spotify while you do it?

    Posted: Mon 06 Aug 2012 | Comments: 0

  • Marina Featured in Nylon

    Marina Featured in Nylon

    "I am snogging Justin Timberlake."

    Nylon has posted some of their favorite excerpts from Marina's tour diary, with some hilarious photos to match!

    Visit Nylon for the full gallery, and let the image below haunt your dreams.

    Posted: Fri 03 Aug 2012 | Comments: 0

  • Marina Interviewed by NME

    Marina Interviewed by NME

    "I can't wait for a time I can just be classed as myself."

    Marina and the Diamonds is featured in NME, where she discusses the progression of her music that led to the "goth Britney Spears" sound she's employed so effectively on her new album Electra Heart, as well as her desire to be recognized as an independent artist.

    The full article is available at, including a video interview with Marina!

    Posted: Wed 01 Aug 2012 | Comments: 0

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"Is there no wifi in the palace?"
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I like truffle-flavoured everything
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Autumn I'll be gone
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